About Us


Capital for Colleagues offers a specialist service by investing in existing or aspiring employee owned businesses and companies and provided our criteria are met, we will undertake our own debt or equity investment using our own patient capital.

We have a proven management team experienced in the employee owned business sector (‘EOB’), with a wide network of contacts and affiliates, as well as established access to investment opportunities. This enables us to identify and make strategic investment decisions.

The EOB sector currently accounts for a combined annual turnover in excess of £30 billion in the UK, representing over 4% of the nation’s GDP.  This sector is growing at over 10% per year and successive governments in the UK have publicly pledged their support to see this continue. In spite of this growth, British EOBs traditionally suffer from limited funding options and support, as established providers of equity capital and debt are perceived as not fully understanding the needs of this growing sector. Consequently, Capital for Colleagues has effectively introduced a new asset class to investors by backing established EOBs and assisting companies looking to transition to EOB status.

Capital for Colleagues is also a member of the Social Stock Exchange which recognises the positive social impact our investments make in employee owned businesses.

 Advice and support for aspiring or existing employee owned businesses

Capital for Colleagues has created a joint venture – Castlefield Corporate Advisory Partners – with Castlefield, a majority employee owned company.  This JV advises companies on how to become an employee owned business, as well as acting as Capital for Colleagues’ agent and supporting the growth of such businesses once they have joined C4C’s portfolio as an investee.


Capital for Colleagues plc has a clearly defined strategy of investing in mainly UK and Irish companies that either have an established structure of employee ownership or are looking to establish one, providing investors with exposure to an alternative, distinct and strongly performing asset class.

We have already made over 20 investments and we maintain an active growth strategy, in order to maintain our leading position within the EOB sector.

Notably, we are one of the very few specialists investing in the EOB sector and quite naturally we have developed a strong relationship with the leading industry body, the Employee Ownership Association. This well-established link provides us with access to one important pool of potential businesses to work with, whilst also offering an additional service and resource to members of the EOA.


Capital for Colleagues plc listed on the NEX Exchange (formerly the ISDX Growth Market) in March 2014 to invest in current and aspiring, primarily UK-based, EOBs. In August 2014 the Company co-founded a new advisory business to provide advice and support to companies looking to become or grow as employee owned businesses. Known as C4C Ownership Partners Limited (‘C4C Ownership’), this specialist advisory body further cements and complements our position in the EOB sector, strengthening our unique service offering.